Thursday, November 24, 2016

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Set Some Slug In Your Classified Ad

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By: Kevin Nunley 

Classified ads are the world's number one cheap way to advertise. They cost just a fraction of a large print ad. And you get your classified ad in everything from an email newsletter to USA Today.

Most classified ads are either hard to understand or not terribly exciting. To get sales, you need people to immediately understand your offer. You also need to build a bit of an emotional fire under them.

Start each sentence with an action word. Get this.., Save now..., Click to...

Make your sentences as short as possible. Incomplete sentences are ok. Two words. Fine. This fills your ad with energy and builds excitement.

When possible, include a quote from a past customer. People believe other customers before they believe you. It's human nature.

I knew a guy who built himself a fine retirement by marketing his self-published book with classified ads. He started out with an ad in one magazine. When he had made his money back, he put an ad in more magazines until you couldn't look through a newsstand without seeing his ad.

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